“Dear Crush…”

CaptureDear crush,

I believe you’re very, very lucky to consume someone’s entire world.

Not all the time, not on all days but those moments when you smile, and your eyes crinkle

I sincerely believe a ginormous star, somewhere, ceases to twinkle because its core collapses and there is a splendid blinding supernova with its purple blush that illuminates my entire universe.

It shines bright. You shine brighter. People talk of butterflies and zoos, and here you are causing interstellar explosions in my tummy.

Dear crush,

Do you know when you look at me, that stare

I can actually feel the tingle of the colour creeping onto my cheeks and my head feels light, I always fear I’ll faint when you’re in sight.

You don’t think twice before hugging me tight when we meet. I hope you never, ever see the stupid smile that keeps springing onto my face when you wrap your arms around my waist and I swear, I know, someday I’ll melt into a puddle at your feet.

Dear crush,

You remind me so much of dandelion spores drifting in summer air, and of the pleasant tingle of cool sea waves curling between the toes of my sun baked feet. You remind me of

warm brownies straight from the oven and of precious roses kept safe between the pages of a journal. You remind me

of the fact, that human beings are made of particles that all originated in stars and so we are practically made of stardust and are meant to shine. So maybe it is okay that some people’s shine outshines others. Sometimes. Even if just for me.

Dear crush,

I think I’ve temporarily fallen for you. It’s like, for the next few weeks, my heart has decided to flutter for you ( though I have a feeling it might just extend those weeks, to like, you know, forever).

So, just so you know, for the next few weeks there’s someone who will scribble your name on the last pages of notebooks a few dozen times, and you will be the reason behind the smile she wears to bed at night. For the next few weeks, you’ll have a daily feature in some romantic thoughts of the most innocent kind. For the next few weeks, someone will tie her hair a certain way, just for you and will hold onto your every “hi”, every “goodbye” so tight, and so dear.

Dear crush, you’re so beautiful, and I know this ain’t nothing new but, dear, dear crush, for the next few weeks,

even if just a tiny bit,

I love you.


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