Bokeh Kinda Days.

CaptureGood morning. It’s Sunday again! 😀 The weather today is pure bliss. It’s windy, and cold, and blue with not a ray of sunshine. Sounds depressing,eh? But then, I’m a rain child. You might have seen girls call themselves a flower child, listen to Lana Del Ray and wear floral headbands, the hippies of our times. I call myself a rain child because i absolutely adore the rain. Getting drenched to the bone is my idea of fun, and I can do that even in my best outfit. Just sitting in the verandah and listening to the sound of falling rain, sigh, I can do that for hours together. Rainy nights with Daughter or Coldplay blaring in my earphones makes me contemplate life real deep sometimes. More than all of this, I find it so lovely, how the rain and the cold, chilly breeze lends everything an ethereal feel. Everything just appears vague, and romantic.  And I enjoy days like those. So, such lovely feels today made me write a bit of poetry. Nothing too deep about it. I do hope you like reading it.

Happy Sunday 🙂

“Blurry lines
A purple haze
Fading light, a dull heartache.
Misty green
Wispy clouds
Cool breeze
A fluttering sundress.
Light drizzle, from the skies.
Warm drizzle, from her eyes.
Quivering lips
Vague dreams
An open jeep, the driving seat.
Alone. Solitude.
A faint smile appears.
A sunset, quite austere.
Still roads
Whispering trees
She drives on
A blind turn

The haze lifts.

Life still exits.
A fragrant air
A change
in opinion.
That faded
Was better



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